US Government

Kiron has US Government projects in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mozambique, Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali and Tanzania.

Vocational Training


Kiron delivers workforce training programs for over 120 different skill sectors to suit almost any situation in every part of the world. The Kiron process begins with an evaluation of the labor market needs of a country or region through surveys and studies conducted in conjunction with local and regional experts. Kiron focuses on the economic needs of the target areas. Kiron will then develop programs that will ensure the relevance of the education and training to the actual workforce needs.

Kiron develops curriculum using accredited learning materials and resources. The existing, proven templates are then adapted to the regional labor market and economic needs or a region as well as the existing skill set requirements.

Through vocational training, Kiron improves the skills of individuals in developing economies so that they have the opportunity and access to higher paying skilled trades jobs and journey worker positions. Kiron, working closely with commercial clients as well as national and local governments develops appropriate training programs that help support emerging government leaders in underdeveloped nations recovering from conflict or political instability.  As an industry leader in training Kiron’s programs help develop competitive workforces and support modern government labor institutions. Kiron training programs focus on sectors including but not limited to Automotive/Mechanics Training, Computer Training, Brick Masonry, Business Occupations, Carpentry, Cement Masonry, Painting and Welding.

Youth, Women and At Risk Populations

Kiron‘s programs ensure a specific focus on youth, women and socially and economically disadvantaged citizens – frequently targeting training for young people who are often the most vulnerable citizens in the population. Kiron promotes linkages of training programs and institutions with private businesses that will enhance the opportunities available for disadvantaged individuals. Kiron provides monitoring and evaluation of performance indicator targets on specific projects to ensure training and education programs are reflecting the economic needs of a region. The focus for disadvantaged individuals is typically teaching numeracy and literacy skills and providing meaningful vocational and technical training and ensuing employment opportunities. Kiron supports pre-employment and employability programs in formal and non-formal settings (curriculum design or revision, instructional material development, training of instructors, and administrative staff).

Operations and Maintenance

Kiron provides operation and maintenance training in challenging environments around the world. The Kiron team combines extensive real world experience with innovative training programs to support the building, operating and maintenance of facilities, equipment, parts and infrastructure. Kiron’s personnel have years of experience delivering globally certified and tested curriculum. Kiron‘s training experience ranges from military vehicle and ground support equipment training to oil and gas related infrastructure training needs. By leveraging Kiron’s global network of trainers Kiron is able to quickly stand up programs and courses wherever they are needed.  Kiron’s nimbleness and ability to adapt on the ground allows us to provide highly effective and customizable solutions utilizing accredited and certified curriculum delivered by industry experts.

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