The Kiron solution begins with the needs identification process. Our research evaluates unique cultural and socioeconomic influences and the ongoing need for capacity building in global economies. The next step is implementation through the management and enhancement of existing programs or the development of new programs. The final step is equipping people with the skills necessary to succeed in global economies. Kiron believes that through our services and training programs we can create meaningful change and long-term success. Kiron uses measurable outcomes and long-term performance goals to measure the success of our programs.


Kiron’s base for curriculum is nationally and internationally recognized training skill sets, training achievement records, and industry standardized curricula that are taught with a holistic and practical method of training. All curricula are validated and reviewed by industry experts, workforce investment boards, and/or country-specific ministries of labor, education, or other related ministries. Kiron employs international and local experts to validate information and the training capacity of the client’s staff on all international projects.

Kiron has strategic linkages on all international training projects among employers, unions, educators, government, non-governmental organizations, and leading companies in the labor market to consult, share information, and build training capacity. Kiron employs a set of proven best practices in training based on curricula that are considered the highest caliber in the industry. Kiron has the capability to develop and translate training handbooks, manuals, and programs of instructions into local dialects and ensure that they are culturally relevant.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance in all aspects of Kiron’s work is based on internationally recognized standards. Kiron continues to provide services that consistently meet or exceed client needs and expectations based on documented feedback. Kiron takes great care to develop long term relationships with clients.

The Kiron team has an average of over two decades of experience in their specific skill areas. Kiron has developed a quality management system that monitors the performance of all programs and ensures that they functioning effectively and efficiently. The certifications of key Kiron personnel include state and federal certifications, military honors and awards, special recognitions for service, US and foreign decoration, and badges.