Kiron is a woman-owned, boutique technical, vocational, and Operations and Maintenance  education firm. We have expertise in developing technical and education strategies for industry as well as providing policy advice and capacity building for government education sector planners and managers.

We work with a broad range of clients—from large resource sector companies to USAID, Millennium Challenge Corporation, and MEPI, to the US Department of State and a number of foreign ministries. Kiron is uniquely positioned to provide tremendous service and attention to clients.

Kiron’s value lies in its singular focus on workforce development, which allows us to help companies achieve their greatest learning and capacity building objectives. We have been involved in training nearly 50,000 people globally through programs in over 118 vocational and technical areas.

Kiron’s strategies and technical approaches include the following:

  • Engaging private and public sector partners (PPP)
  • Stimulating economic viability, innovation, and entrepreneurism using soft power
  • Diversifying and developing successful regional economies
  • Capacity building at the ministerial level
  • Improving vocational education policy and strengthening institutions
  • “Train the Trainer” programs
  • Innovative skills training
  • Awareness of cultural differences and adaptations